Registration is now open on o2cm! We request that you please register by October 8th, but there is no formal registration deadline.

Registration Fees:

All competition events (all prices are per person, not couple):

$22 UIUC Student Package
$42 Student Package
$52 Non-student Package

Open (novice/pre-champ/champ) events only (including syllabus bolero, paso doble, and Viennese):

$22 Student Open Package
$32 Non-student Open Package

Payment instructions are available upon registering for the competition on o2cm and selecting “Go to account to review entries” on the registration page. This includes instructions for mailing a check or paying through our Venmo account or Square. Checks may be presented at the welcome dance, but it is greatly preferred your payment be received in advance.

Please keep in mind that o2cm now charges the host time fees per registration for each event. If you wish to drop an event, please officially drop it on o2cm by accessing the site yourself or by letting us know – please avoid going MIA to avoid an event!