Benzophenone photolithography: patterning growth factors within biomaterials
Hematopoietic stem cell biomanufacturing: tracking the heterogeneity of fate decisions
Osteotendinous interface repair: engineering spatially-graded biomaterials
Cancer-on-a-chip: tumor avatars for personalized therapy trials
Mesenchymal stem cell mechanotransduction: biomaterials instructing differentiation
Amniotic membrane functionalized scaffolds: reducing inflammatory response after implantation
HarleyLab In the O.R.: preclinical trials of biomaterials for craniofacial repair
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Mission Statement

Advances in the field of tissue engineering are increasingly reliant on biomaterials that instruct, rather than simply permit, a desired cellular response. We develop biomaterials that replicate the dynamic, spatially-patterned, and heterogeneous microenvironment found in the tissues and organs of our body. We use this approach to generate new insight regarding how biomaterial cues can instruct cell responses in the context of development, disease, and regeneration.

We are a diverse group of engineers and scientists committed to inspiring and training future leaders in science and engineering. At the core of this mission is empowerment. We do this via a rigorous and collaborative instructional environment that emphasizes scholarship, creativity, professional development, and inclusivity.