Congratulations Dr. Vasiliki (Aliki) Kolliopoulos!

Congratulations to Aliki for successfully defending her PhD thesis, “Employing mineralized collagen scaffolds in a patient-centric approach for improved craniomaxillofacial bone repair”. Through her work, Aliki has greatly emphasized on the need to consider patient heterogeneity as a key parameter in our daily research while standardizing general lab culture protocols. Aliki’s leadership skills have always been admired in the group and we have no doubt that she will excel in her future endeavour. Up next, Aliki will be joining the lab of Dr. Antonios Mikos at Rice University as a Post Doc.

Harley Lab at the Society for Biomaterials 2023

Following Harley Lab members will be participating in SFB this year:

Sara Pedron: “Extracellular Tumor Microenvironment Influences Glioma Progression after Therapeutic Intervention”, Loc: Exhibit Hall (P1187), Wed 6:30-8:30 pm

Chia Wen Chang: “Exploring lymphangiogenic function of microglia in brain microphysiological models in vitro: Biomaterials in engineering the tumor immune microenvironment”, Loc: Exhibit Hall (P1099), Wed 6:30-8:30 pm

Kyle Timmer: ” Investigating Paracrine Signaling in Triphasic Biomaterial for Rotator Cuff Repair”, Loc: Coral 5, Thu 2:15-2:40pm

Hannah Theriault: “Developing Semi-synthetic Biomaterial Tools to Model the Interface of Endometriotic Lesions and Healthy Tissue”, Loc: Seaglass, Thu 4:45-5 pm

Brittany Payan: “Gelatin Maleimide Granular Hydrogels as a Model to Study Glioblastoma”, Loc: Exhibit Hall (P2109), Thu 5:45-7:15 pm

Gunnar Thompson: “Measurement of Cell-Mediated Extracellular Matrix Remodeling in Granular Hydrogel Scaffold”, Loc: Exhibit Hall (P2113), Thu 5:45-7:15 pm

Vasiliki “Aliki” Kolliopoulos: 1) Licensed hMSCs exhibit enhanced immunomodulatory capacity in a biomaterial mediated manner, Loc: Silver Pearl (Rapid Fire), Fri 11:50 am 2) Licensed hMSCs exhibit enhanced immunomodulatory capacity in a biomaterial mediated manner AND Evaluating Donor Cell Variability in Mineralized Collagen Scaffolds, Loc: Exhibit Hall (P3151 and P3122), Fri 3:30-5pm

Victoria Kriuchkovskala: ” Validating Three-Dimensional Hydrogel Models of Glioblastoma for Discovery of Novel Therapeutics: Biomaterial-based in vitro cancer/tumor models for drug screening and diagnostics”, Loc: Exhibit Hall (P3026), Fri 3:30-5pm

Yoanna Ivanova: “Optimizing a Perivascular Glioblastoma Model to Study the Effect of Radiation on Vasculature”, Loc: Exhibit Hall (P3023), Fri 3:30-5pm

HarleyLAB received new collaborative NIH funding for bone regeneration

Dr. Harley is the Co-Investigator of a new R01 research award from the National Institutes of Health entitled, ‘Small Molecule Inhibition of Noggin to Induce Spinal Fusion.’ Dr. Harley is collaborating with a team of investigators from Emory (PI Scott Boden, Co-Is Sreedhara Sangadala, Steven Presciutti) and the University of Oregon (PI Nick Willett) to develop a biomaterial to improve spinal fusion. Exciting for the #harleylab team to adapt our mineralized collagen scaffolds for new clinical applications!

Congrats Dr. Samantha Zambuto!

Congratulations to Samantha for successfully defending her PhD thesis, ‘Biomaterial-based models of the endometrium and trophoblast invasion to investigate early pregnancy.’ Samantha reinvirogorated our women’s health platforms, developing an entirely new effort to examine the role of endometrial tissue microenvironment on trophoblast invasions. Her work has unlocked new research areas in placentation and in endometrial disorders such as endometriosis. She will be moving to Washington University in St Louis to begin a postdoc with Dr. Michelle Oyen to continue to expand her Women’s Health efforts. We are so proud of her and will miss her leadership and support. Congrats Dr. Zambuto!

Congratulations Dr. Aleczandria Tiffany!!

Congratulations to Alec for successfully defending her PhD thesis, ‘Mineralized collagen biomaterials for studying bone biology in vitro.’ Alec has been transformative to our group, pushing new scientific inquiries and leading changes in our processes and climate to be more inclusive. She lead studies related to biomolecule delivery for bone regeneration, to study disease processes such as osteosarcoma, and to pioneer new approaches to replicate the growth plate. Her PhD was a tour de force, weaving scientific discoveries with commentaries on white supremacy and a path forward to create a more inclusive academy. Alec is heading north, to begin a Postdoc with Prof. Molly Shoichet at the University of Toronto. We will miss her, but are forever changed by her presence in the group. Congratulations Dr. Tiffany!

Congratulations Dr. Tori Barnhouse!

Congratulations to Tori for successfully defending her PhD thesis, ‘Developing a biomaterial model of the bone marrow perivascular niche for the study of hematopoietic stem cells.’ Tori developed approaches to replicate vascular structure in the bone marrow to examine their effect on hematopoietic stem cell activity. She will be moving to CRISPR Therapeutics in Boston as a Postdoctoral Scientist this summer. Congrats Dr. Barnhouse!

Congratulations Dr. Raul Sun Han Chang!

Congratulations to Raul for successfully defending his PhD thesis, ‘Development of a biomaterial template for regeneration of the tendon-to-bone insertion.’ Raul transformed our efforts to create spatially-graded biomaterials, developing an entirely new fabrication approach to address mechanical and biological challenges of orthopedic insertion repair. He will be moving to Genentech as a Technical Development Scientist in their Individualized Therapies group. We are so proud of him and will miss him very much! Congrats Dr. Sun Han Chang!