Harley lab members, Aidan Gilchrist, Emily Chen, Mai Ngo, receive Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship (MF3)

The Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship was developed to train and teach future faculty skillsets that will aid in becoming effective teachers, mentors, and researchers. The three lab members are excited to be a part of this exciting opportunity and are excited to partake in it together! P.S. Aidan’s boyfriend, Scott McCormack, will also be joining them in the MF3 program. P.P.S Mai’s boyfriend, Dylan Walsh, will also be joining them in the MF3 program. Power couples left and right!!

Marley Dewey and Aleczandria Tiffany featured for use of SEM in skull injury repair

Marley and Alec were featured in the Beckman Institute news for their use of the microscopy suite in determining physical attributes of their 3D-printed biomaterials. These biomaterials are a multi-layered approach to healing critical sized craniofacial defects, often suffered by blast impacts associated with battle injuries. More information can be found at the Beckman Institute news feed.

Emily’s paper on the convergence of matrix and metabolic cue to influence glioblastoma invasion accepted in Biomaterials Science

As part of a longstanding collaboration with Rex Gaskins (Illinois Animal Science), #harleylab’s Emily Chen describes the use of a three-dimensional hydrogel  to study the impact of matrix composition and metabolic challenges on GBM cell invasion. The margins of glioblastoma tumors in the brain containing striking gradient in matrix stiffness and hypoxia, and in this paper just accepted in the journal Biomaterials Science we show combinations of these signals  enhance GBM cell invasion and alter processes associated with matrix remodeling.

Brendan receives College and Campus Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Congrats to Brendan for receiving the 2017-2018 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the 2018-2018 Provost’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching at the University of Illinois. These awards (College and Campus!) recognize his effort in the classroom teaching a core chemical engineering course (Moment and Heat Transfer) and for developing a senior elective class on tissue engineering.


Raul Sun Han receives Hanratty Travel Award to attend Society for Biomaterials

Raul received the Hanratty Travel Awards, intended to support Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate students present their work at national or international conferences. With the award, he will be presenting “Triphasic biomaterial for enhanced toughness and regeneration of the osteotendinous junction” at the Society for Biomaterials 2018 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dan’s paper on craniofacial bone regeneration accepted in Tissue Engineering!

We’ve taken a *big* step with our next paper on collagen biomaterials for craniofacial bone regeneration. In a paper just accepted in the journal Tissue Engineering Part A, post-doc Dan Weisgerber describes application of our reinforced collagen composite biomaterial for regeneration of defects in porcine mandibles! ‘A mineralized collagen-polycaprolactone composite promotes healing of a porcine mandibular ramus defect’ is a project completed jointly by our lab along with Prof. Matthew Wheeler (Illinois) and Prof. Scott Hollister (Ga Tech). Congrats to all!