ASOS_Processor – ASOS Records Extraction and Analysis


This is the download page for ASOS-Processor, a software developed on MATLAB platform for extracting and analyzing ASCII-format Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) data files. The main functions for this software are listed :

  • Select Interested ASOS Stations and Export the Stations Info
  • Download one or more ASOS raw files (ISH 3505 or DS 6405) from selected ASOS stations
  • Extract Time History Records, Peak Wind Event, and Thunderstorm Flag from ASOS raw files

More information about ASOS_Processor can be found in the ASOS_Processor_User’s Guide.


This software was developed by Franklin T. Lombardo and Guangzhao Chen of the Wind Engineering Laboratory at UIUC. Please email questions or comments to and