Fab Times in the Fab Lab! (Part 3/3)

Unfortunately, this was the last of our weeks in the Fab Lab. However, I fully intend on coming back next year and starting all my various Etsy shops which include journal making, 3d printing people’s pets, and after this week, embroidering people’s pets. Yes, these are going to happen.

Throughout this whole semester, I have been searching for a way to be able to 3D print my cat…because she is perfect. However, sadly, unless I can find a way to get my cat to stop moving long enough to scan her (which might not be particularly moral,) there aren’t any any good ways to be able to accomplish this task that I know of. However, this week at the Fab Lab, I decided to embroider her instead!

The task of embroidering her was difficult, because there were about 500 colors in the original picture of her. Using the software taught to us, I was able to reduce the colors in the photo to about 7. The embroidery machine was intelligent enough to break down those 7 colors into 7 sections, so each time it finished a section I had to change the string color. This was a bit of a tedious task; however, I am now an expert at changing the thread in a sewing machine!

All in all, the mission of embroidering my cat was successful! She kind of looks like a mountain, but I think that’s just because she’s fat.


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