FabLab: Laser Engraving

I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to designing objects for my personal use. This week, while laser engraving at the FabLab, I was able to fulfill this desire.

For the laser engraving demonstration that was given to us, we created the cover for a small journal. I’ve never kept a journal and have never found much need for one, but I began to think of uses I could use for something incredibly portable and pocket sized. The best idea that came to mind was a place to jot down any musical ideas I had to remember later. With laser engraving, I was able to create a simple design that marked the journal as my own as well as show its purpose.


This design, while simple to make, shows off how powerful and detailed laser cutting can be. I hope to use this technology in the future to create other projects that I could get use out of.

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