June 3: IPRH Digital Humanities Reading Group

Come out to the first meeting of the IPRH Digital Humanities Reading Group on Tuesday, June 3 at 6:30 p.m. at Quality Bar in downtown Champaign. Here is some more information about the group:

We are interested in developing critically grounded perspectives on what it means to do digital humanities work in various institutional contexts. As a starting point, we will examine some prominent pieces that discuss themes related to defining, critiquing, practicing, and teaching “digital” humanities. We hope to supplement these readings with additional perspectives informed by the interests, scholarship, and work of those who do digital humanities on campus.

This first meeting will be focused on getting to know everyone’s interests, but to get the conversation started, here are three short pieces that reflect a recent debate about what “digital humanities” is and its role in humanities scholarship more broadly.

Adam Kirsch, Technology Is Taking Over English Departments: The false promise of the digital humanities

Ryan Cordell, On Ignoring Encoding

Chad Wellman, The Humanities in Full: Polemics Against the Two-Culture Fallacy

If you have any questions at all, contact Brandon Locke at blocke2[at][illinois.edu or Sveta Stoytcheva at stytchv2[at]illinois.edu.