2015 Illinois Digital Humanities Symposium Schedule


Workshops, February 27: 291 and 289 Undergraduate Library
Symposium, February 28: 1000 Lincoln Hall, UIUC campus

February 27: Pre-Conference Workshops

(See the Workshops page for detailed descriptions.)

12:00–1:00 PM Graduate Student Brownbag with Jennifer Guiliano: “Alt-Ac, Digital Humanities, and the Academy: 10 Things You Need to Know to Get a Job that You Won’t Learn in the Classroom” 308 Library
4:30–5:00 PM Registration and Refreshments 291 Undergraduate Library
5:00–6:00 PM Workshop 1: GIS (James Whitacre) 291 Undergraduate Library
5:00–6:00 PM Workshop 2: Data Mining with Texts (Michael Black) 289 Undergraduate Library
6:00–7:00 PM Workshop 3: Scalar (Kevin Hamilton) 291 Undergraduate Library
6:00–7:00 PM Workshop 4: XML and Text Encoding (Harriett Green) 289 Undergraduate Library


February 28: DH Symposium (1000 Lincoln Hall, unless otherwise specified)

(See the Research Presentations page for detailed descriptions.)

8:30–9:00 AM Registration and Breakfast Outside of 1000 Lincoln Hall
9:00–9:15 AM Welcome Harriett Green and Scott Poole
9:15–10:15 AM KEYNOTE ADDRESS: “Challenging the Academy: the Future of the Humanities in a 21st Century Digital World.” Jennifer Guiliano, IUPUI
10:15–10:45 AM Break & Poster Session 1027 Lincoln Hall
10:45–11:45 AM Research Presentation 1: “Analyzing Text” Ted Underwood, Dept. of English; Michael Black, I-CHASS
11:45–1:00 PM Lunch (on your own) & Poster session
1:00-2:00 PM Resource Lightning Round Illinois Campus Cluster, Cline Center, HathiTrust Research Center, Research Data Services, Scholarly Commons, ICHASS
2:00–3:00 PM Research Presentation 2: “Bringing Computational Social Science to the Real World: Impact Assessment of Issue-Focused Public Media” Jana Diesner, GSLIS
3:00–3:30 PM Break & Poster Session 1027 Lincoln Hall
3:30–4:30 PM Research Presentation 3: “Getting Going: DIY GIS in Scholarship and the Classroom” John Randolph, Dept. of History

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.