AE3 is pleased to announce the 2014 GATE recipients. Four outstanding project proposals were funded. In the coming year, these recipients will investigate what happens in the classroom, how it affects learning, and how it can be enhanced.

The recipients and their projects are as follows.

James Allison: Advancing Undergraduate Design Learning Through Extensive Use of Hands-On Model-Based Design Projects

This is a second-year GATE project that is bringing project-based learning to three General Engineering courses.

Geoffrey Herman, Brian Faulkner, and David Varodayan:Exploring the Creation of Effective Instructional Text

This project seeks to better understand what makes an effective instructional text and develop online text material for two Electrical and Computer Engineering courses.

Andrew Smith, Paul Selvin, and Jenny Amos: A New Lab on Statistical Mechanics of Molecules and Cells

This project will develop a new laboratory course to provide upper level undergraduate students with hands-on experience, intuition, and greater interest in statistical mechanics in Bioengineering.

Ramavarapu S. Sreenivas and Rebecca Reck: Introduction of Portable Laboratory Kits into the General Engineering Introduction to Control Systems Course

This project will design and implement the curriculum for modular, portable, and affordable laboratory kits. The kits will initially be used in GE 320: Control Systems but could also be adopted in a variety of engineering courses.