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Collins Scholars

The Collins Scholars Program for new engineering faculty and instructors exists to help you get your career off to an efficient and productive start. The program provides a culture of support for teaching, research and service.

Collins Scholars meet every Friday from 12:00-1:00 for lunch to discuss topics related to teaching and research.  Participants share classroom experiences, and receive input from others. Collins Scholars also visit the classrooms of excellent teachers, and are observed at least twice during the academic year.

 The 2017-2018 Collins Scholars Program will begin on August 25th, 2017 with a kick-off event from 12-4 pm, and a reception from 4-5 pm. All new faculty are invited for this workshop that includes lunch, a welcome from Dean Andreas Cangellaris, and panel discussions on topics relevant to new faculty.


Collins Scholars: The Big Ideas

Impact is imperativeEducation at Illinois–research, teaching and service–is all about impact. UI-02-090611-094
Learning and teaching can be scientific endeavors
Consider your classroom to be a research lab.
Learning is constructed by the learner
“Learning results from what the student does and thinks and only from what the student does and thinks.”    – Herbert Simon (Nobel Laureate)
Two students talking in classroom.
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Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Collins Scholars!

Juan Alvarez · ECE Megan Konar · CEE Daniel Shoemaker · MatSE
Gaurav Bahl · MechSE Tomasz Kozlowski · NPRE Ashlynn Stillwell · CEE
Leo Chamorro · MechSE Lavanya Marla · ISE David Varodayan · ECE
Wawrzyniec Dobrucki · BioE Serge Minin · ECE Lav Varshney · ECE
Wade Fagen · CS Josh Peschel · CEE Tao Xie · CS
Michael Haney · ECE Chandra Radhakrishnan · ECE Hao Zhu · ECE
Blake Johnson · MechSE Michael Roppo · ECE
Andreas Kloeckner · CS Andre Schleife · MatSE