Lightning Talks – Call for Proposals

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What is your big idea for smart grid cybersecurity?

Lightning Talks offer select TCIPG Summer School participants a 5-minute opportunity to present bold, new ideas for research activities, products, or outreach efforts. Each 5-minute slot begins with a title slide, then features 7 slides that auto-advance every 20 seconds. At the end of the talk, the screen will go black and the floor will be open for questions for the remainder of the 5-minute slot.

Ideas for topics can include:

  • New, overlooked real-world problems or research gaps
  • Controversial viewpoints and research areas
  • Industry experience reports
  • Completely different solution approaches than what is documented or practiced
  • New paradigms and practical approaches to smart grid cybersecurity research

LTALK-ICON-SS2015We welcome Lightning Talk proposals from all potential summer school participants, including students who have applied for a scholarship, industrial partners, and corporate sponsors. The proposal form will require a registration confirmation number:

  • Scholarship applicants should enter: scholarapp.
  • Others – if you are not able to register prior to submitting a proposal, enter: regpending.

NOTE: Individuals who submit proposals should plan to attend the entire week of summer school. Those selected to present a Lightning Talk will need to be registered or submit registration within one week of notification of acceptance. Registration fee waivers are not issued for Lightning Talks, but we can offer the Early Bird rate. The date and time of the Lightning Talk session will be on the agenda and is subject to change. Lightning Talks will be recorded and archived for distribution. By submitting a Lightning Talk proposal, you agree to sign a release for this purpose.

The proposal deadline is May 22, 2015. If selected, final slides will be due June 1, 2015.

Did you miss the Early Bird Registration Deadline? Use one of these discount codes:

  • TCIPG-DSC1LT – good thru May 17
  • TCIPG-DSC2LT – good after May 17

2015 Lightning Talk Presentations
In order of appearance. Click on title to view slides.

Power (Leakage) Based Attacks to Break Encryption Keys on Cryptographic Devices
Neel Shah, Northeastern University

Dynamic Software Verification of Industrial Critical Control Systems
Sriharsha Etigowni, Rutgers University

Moving Target Defense (MTD) for Securing Smart Grids
Aswin Chidambaram Pappa, Iowa State University

ReViver: Trace-Free Memory Data Forensics Through Speculative Symbolic Execution
Pengfei Sun, Rutgers University

Visualizing NISTIR 7628 Security Guidelines
Dan Long, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Effect of Cyber-Physical Characteristics on Large-Signal Stability of Microgrids
Mahmoud Kabalan, Villanova University

Caution – On Resilience and Security Through Microgrids
Marvin Karugarama, Virginia Tech

Grid Dynamic Control Vulnerabilities with Optimization Techniques
Byungkwon Park, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Implication of Cyber Attacks on Distributed System Operations
Jiazi Zhang, Arizona State University

Raising Confidence in Industrial Technology
Shaan Mulchandani, Accenture Technology Labs

Pwning an Internet Connected Traffic Light: An Educational Experience
James Solderitsch, Villanova University

How Securing the Power Grid is like Teaching Middle Schoolers
Brandon Workentin, EnergySec

GPS Security (slides not available)
Yuting Ng, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign