Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities

The census is conducted almost entirely by undergraduate students. Nearly 70 students have worked on the census so far, providing a unique field-based research opportunity for students from a range of fields.

Census Research Experience

  • Students gain hands-on experience in forest ecology, including on census protocols, spatial data collection, and tree identification.
  • Census work provides students with skills that make them competitive applicants for internships and jobs.

Students receive 1 credit of IB 390 (Introductory Research), NRES 295 (Undergrad Research), or NRES 285 (Techniques in Forest Ecology) for 4 hours/week spent in the field.

Independent Research

  • Opportunities exist for students interested in conducting their own independent research or senior thesis projects at Trelease.

Students receive  IB 490 (Independent Study), NRES 396 (Undergrad Honors Research/Thesis), or NRES 295 credit.