TDMH Mentors

Antoinette Burton, Judith Pintar, and Saniya Lee Ghanoui
Antoinette Burton
Director of the Humanities Research Institute, Maybelle Leland Swanlund Endowed Chair, Professor of History

Judith Pintar
Teaching Associate Professor of Information Sciences

Saniya Lee Ghanoui
PhD Candidate in History

Carolyn Randolph-Kato
Visiting Associate Director of Arts Impact Assessment
College of Fine and Applied Arts
Project Manager of TDMH, 2018-2020

Kevin Hamilton
Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts
Professor of New Media, School of Art and Design

Heidi Imker
Director, Research Data Service
Associate Professor, University Library

Christopher Prom
Associate Dean for Digital Strategies, University Library

Ted Underwood
Professor of English and Information Sciences