TDMH 2020–2021

Tamara Chaplin, History
“Cabarets and Counterpublics: Female Same-Sex Intimacy and the French Public Sphere, 1930–2013”

Brooklyne Gipson, Communications
“Networked Misogynoir”

Josue David Cisneros, Communications
“Migrant Arts, Alien Affects”

Keyanah Nurse, College of Library Arts and Sciences
“The Global Black Press”

John Randolph, History
SourceLab and “The Classroom and the Future of the Historical Record”

Dustin Tahmahkera, American Indian Studies
“Becoming Sound: Sonic Quests of Healing in Indian Country” and “Post-Oklahoma: An AlterNative Folk Musical”

Anna Torres-Cacoullos, Spanish and Portuguese
DH and Film (Culture)