Training in Digital Methods for Humanists (TDMH) Archive

TDMH is a faculty development initiative akin to the LAS “study in a second discipline” program. It is designed to confront head-on the challenge of equipping humanities scholars with the digital tools, computational methods, and technological expertise they need to explore or keep abreast of changes in scholarly research, teaching, publication and communication.

From 2018–2021, the Humanities Research Institute (HRI) housed TDMH, hosting a new cohort of faculty fellows each year. TDMH fellows received two course releases allowing them the opportunity to take already established classes on campus and develop their digital methods and digital humanities skills. Additionally, fellows had both an equipment and workshop budget, the latter funding training in external summer programs. Fellows met regularly during their TDMH year to foster interdisciplinary conversations, discuss opportunities for collaboration, and share their experiences, challenges, and successes. Lastly, each fellow had an assigned mentor, either an established digital humanist on campus or a former fellow, to guide them through the process and offer opportunities for consultation.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the established flow of the TDMH program, halting several summer programs and transforming the fellowship from an in-person to a virtual experience. As of Spring 2021, the second and third year cohorts have not been able to attend summer programs.

This site functions as a digital archive of the initiative, documenting the experiences of TDMH fellows, mentors, and leaders. While HRI intended to host a Summer 2021 conference, the safety of the TDMH team took precedence over an in-person option. As such, this archive is in lieu of the conference. While each interviewee received the same general set of questions, their answers reveal the diverse approaches to the digital humanities and use of digital methods in their scholarship, teaching, and communities. In addition, the oral histories expose the capaciousness of digital humanities and its use and application across the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields.

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Training in Digital Methods for Humanists
Antoinette Burton, Director of HRI
Carolyn Randolph-Keto, Project Manager of TDMH, 2018–2020
Judith Pintar, Project Manager of TDMH, 2020–2021
Saniya Lee Ghanoui, Research Associate, 2020–2021

TDMH 2018–2019
Ruth Nicole Brown
Anita Chan
Faranak Miraftab
Kathryn Oberdeck

TDMH 2019–2020
JB Capino
Clare Crowston
Lori Newcomb
Gabriel Solis

TDMH 2020–2021
Tamara Chaplin
Brooklyn Gipson
Josue David Cisneros
Keyanah Nurse
John Randolph
Dustin Tahmahkera
Anna Torres-Cacoullos

Kevin Hamilton
Heidi Imker
Christopher Prom
Ted Underwood