Opportunities and Advantages

“Gain a variety of experiences and stick your hand in everything early, so that by your senior year, you really know where you want your career starting point to be.
And don’t forget to network, network, network…it is the people skills and communication that can really push you forward.”

– Amy Daniels, University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2015 (U of I Alumni, 2011)

Students participating in the Illinois Swine Industry Leadership Center will be able to explore a wide range of aspects of the swine sector through course work and experiential learning opportunities. They will also be able to apply for scholarships and internship programs that will be unique to the Center. Scholarships will be available on a competitive basis; applications will be made available to all Center participants during the Fall semester and must be submitted by Dec. 15th.

These Center experiences will develop individuals who:

  • Understand the global swine industry and the challenges and opportunities it provides
  • Have hands-on experience in production settings
  • Are knowledgeable in the biology of the pig and have the ability to apply this knowledge at a production system level to problem solve and improve production
  • Have exceptional interpersonal skills and strong leadership potential
  • Have exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Have networked with leaders in the Illinois and US swine industry