Poster Session

12:00-13:00, February 16th, Thursday
CSL 301

Poster session will take place in CSL 301 on the first day of the conference during lunch time. Join us in the poster session, take the chance to listen to the exciting research of below presenters while enjoying your delicious free lunch!

Amirhossein Taghvaei (MechSE) – Best Poster Award
A controlled interacting particle system for Bayesian Inference

Ayman Halabya (Construction Management)
Optimizing Compliance of Sidewalks and Pedestrian Facilities with Accessibility Requirements

Zachary Stephens (ECE)
Unraveling Complex Structural Variants With Long Read Data

Juho Kim (ECE)
Scalable Visualization for High-dimensional Single-cell Data

Vipul Harsh (CS)
Histogram Sort with Sampling

Xunyu Chen (Statistics)
Valid Confidence Intervals for High Dimensional Bayesian Learning with Spike and Slab Priors

Joseph Troy (Informatics)
Functional Analysis of Orthologous Transcription Factors

Ivan Contreras (Math)
Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics in Networks

Zhuolun Xiang (CS)
Timestamps for Partial Replication

Thiago Marinho (MechSE), Massi Amrouche (ISE)
Vision Based Collision Avoidance and Soft Collision: a Time to Collision Perspective

Gabriel Barsi Haberfeld (MechSE)
Aerial Manipulation: A Novel Approach with a Delta-Parallel Topology

Sujan Gonugondla (ECE)
Training on In Memory Hardware

Vaibhav Karve,  Derrek Yager (Math)
Recognizing Patterns in New York Taxi Traffic

Daniel George (Astronomy)
Deep Neural Networks for Gravitational Wave Detection

Yang Liu (CSE)
Learning Structural Motif Representations for Efficient Protein Structure Search

Toros Arikan (ECE) – Best Poster Award
Minimum-delay HF Communications

Gregory Linkowski (ECE)
Descriptive Characterization of Gene Sets using Network Patterns

We thank all our Poster Session participants for their great research and valuable participation. The judges were impressed with the quality of all posters!