Decision and Control, Systems, and Networks

13:00-16:00, February 16, Thursday

Current state of the art control theory draws from and contributes to alternative branches of engineering and mathematics, such as communications, geometry, graph theory, and optimization. The problems are as disparate as the techniques used to solve them, and the ubiquitous increase of sophistication in engineering systems requires a holistic approach which incorporates tools and insights from various perspectives and disciplines. This session invites students to present novel and unique control theoretic results, including but not limited to decentralized control, geometric control, nonlinear and hybrid systems.


Keynote Speaker

Prof. Eilyan Bitar, Cornell University

Panel Discussion

Do we control our destinies?
Prof. Eilyan Bitar
Prof. Geir Dullerud
Prof. Dusan Stipanovic

Invited Student Speaker

Nak-Seung Hyun, Georgia Instutute of Technology
Infinitesimal Modeling of Impulsive System: A Nonstandard Analysis Approach

UIUC Student Speakers

Raphael Stern, Dampening Vehicle Traffic Waves with a Low Fraction of Autonomous Vehicles
Chi Zhang, A Controlled Particle Filter for Global Optimization
Thinh Doan, Performance of Distributed Gradient Methods on Network Optimization
Shenyu Liu, Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance of Unicycle Using the Heat Flow Method
Khaled Mohammed A Alshehri, Cash-settled Options for Wholesale Electricity Markets

Shenyu Liu won the Best Student Talk award for this session, and was awarded with a quadracopter.