Robotics Demonstration Session

12:30-14:00, February 17th, Friday

The new Robotics Demonstration Session will be hosted by the Intelligent Robotics Lab (IRL) at the Coordinated Science Lab (CSL) Studio (1st floor of the parking garage). Robots will be shown in conference room 1232. Some demonstrations may also be held in the Flight Arena.


The Annual CSL Student Conference invites students and post-docs to exhibit their robots in a format like that of a poster session. Presenters will display and provide demonstrations of their robots simultaneously as those who are attending the conference walk around to view different groups’ robots. This session is a great opportunity for students to not only present their own work but to also see many of the robotics projects that are being developed across campus.

Each group must bring in their robot and have some sort of demonstration prepared. This could range from showing simple functionality of the robot to demonstrating some algorithm implemented on the robot. Groups will be provided with a table and two chairs. Lunch will also be provided!

Presenters will also have the opportunity to take turns using the Flight Arena with the Vicon system, if their demonstration requires a large open space. The Arena will be live streamed to the conference room and will also be available to be viewed in person.

Prior to the session (date and time TBD), presenters will be required to show safe operation of their robot and their planned demonstration.


Hang Cui (MechSE)
Expressive Robotic Motions in VR

Yanran Ding, Chuanzheng Li (MechSE) – Best Demo Award
Dynamic Robot Leg

Won Dong Shin, Jaejun Park (MechSE)
Design and Control of Flying Squirrel Robot

Alexander Pagano, Tongxi Yan (MechSE)
Crawling Robot from Paper Mechanism

Karan Chawla (AE)
Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Indoor Navigation

Akshay Shetty, Shubhendra Chauhan, Sri Ramya Bhamidipati (AE)
Fixed-wing UAV

Arun Lakshmanan, Andrew Patterson (AE)
ACRL Autonomous Vehicle Platform

Harshal Maske, Hunter Young, Denis Osipychev (ABE)
Assistive Construction Co-robot

Alexandra Bacula, Akshay Shetty, Shubhendra Chauhan, Sri Ramya Bhamidipati (AE)
Shiner Bots

Craig Babiarz, Akshay Shetty, Shubhendra Chauhan, Sri Ramya Bhamidipati (AE)
Audio Indoor Positioning System

Zheng Lee, Akshay Shetty, Shubhendra Chauhan, Sri Ramya Bhamidipati (AE)
iBQR: An Autonomous UAV Platform

Shankar Deka, Xiao Li (MechSE)
Model Assisted Robotic Surgery (MARS)

Felix Wang, Yuchen He, Jacob Wagner, Luke Wendt (ECE)
Bert: iCub Cognitive Humanoid Robotic Platform

Beau Barber, Nolan Replogle, Girish Chowdhary, Zhongzhong Zhang, Hunter Young, Girish Joshi, Sri Theja Vuppala, Chinmay Soman (ABE)
Weed Killing Swarm Bot

Christopher Widdowson, Cameron Merrill (Psychology) – Best Demo Award
Assessing Physiological Arousal in the Presence of Co-located UAVs