Selected Publications

  • “New directions in cross-cultural consumer psychology” (with A. Lee and C. Torelli). In M. Wänke (Ed.), The Social Psychology of Consumer Behavior, a volume in the series, Frontiers of Social Psychology (Series Editors: A.W. Kruglanski & J.P. Forgas). New York: Psychology Press. Pp.227-250. 2009.
  • “Consumer Behavior,” (with M. Wänke). In A. Tesser and N. Schwarz (Eds.), Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology, Volume 1:  Intraindividual Processes. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishers. Pp. 569-590. 2001.

These publications are made available by permission from publishers for personal research use only.  Permission must be sought from the publishers for any other uses.