Fall 2013

BADM 593 Survey Research for Business Professionals

Professional MBA course leveraging insights on best practices in survey research (questionnaire design, sample design, survey modes) for the application of hands-on projects for nonprofit organizations. Emphasis on using survey research insights to generate results that can solve business problems.

Previous Semesters:

BADM 538 Research Seminar in Consumer Behavior

PhD-level course providing an overview of the broad field of consumer behavior.  Focuses on development of both a detailed theoretical understanding of consumer behavior and an appreciation of the distinct disciplinary and methodological perspectives that are foundational to this field.  Because this is a doctoral-level seminar intended for students interested in research careers, the focus is on reading primary research articles from the major outlets in consumer research and allied disciplines.

See Course website for syllabus and downloadable readings.

BADM 323 Marketing Communications

Intensive coverage of the topic of marketing communications and promotion management, with team projects designed to apply course principles to marketing communications problems. Topics covered include: advertising, sales promotion, point-of-purchase communications, interactive marketing, and event sponsorships. Prerequisite: BADM 320. 3 hours or 3/4 unit.

See Course website for syllabus materials, assignments, and resources.

BADM 531 Survey Methods in Marketing Research

Graduate course focused on analysis of survey methods in marketing with emphasis on questionnaire design, sample design, survey modes, and other data collection issues; an advanced course in the methods required to design, implement, and evaluate a survey research project.

See Course website for syllabus and downloadable readings.