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UIUC @ SACNAS Conference 2015

UIUC SACNAS on stage receiving Chapter of the Year award
This past weekend UIUC took over #SACNAS2015! We hosted a successful workshop on our outreach program Cena y Ciencias. Between undergraduate Kimberly Sam and graduates Hector Lopez, Elena Montoto and Michael Santana, our members took home two poster presentation awards and two oral presentation awards. For our Graduate Chapter of the year Award, Brenda Andrade and Ariana Bravo were invited to meet the director of the Office of Science and Technology in the White House.  We may have even gained another member or two. We’re proud of each other and are coming back hitting the ground running with a workshop this Thursday.
“I L L… I N I!!! Go SACNAS!!”


On Monday September 21st, we held our first Cena y Ciencias of the academic year! Our students had a blast learning about the solar system in our lesson The Scale of the Universe, taking small maps to a larger scale as they split into groups and walked out the distances between planets.

For our efforts in Cena y Ciencias and support for minorities in science, Brenda Andrade,  Ariana Bravo,  and María Alejandra Bautista were invited to meet with Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti on September 16th. The discussion revolved around outreach and programs to help encourage underrepresented populations pursue STEM fields. To read more, visit

Upcoming Events

Dear Sacnistas,

On Monday Sept. 14th we have a General Meeting being held at the Native American House  1206 W. Nevada Urbana,IL at 6:30pm. Please join us!

On Monday Sept. 21st our monthly outreach program Cena y Ciencias kicks off with at Liberty Commons 1776 Independence Ave, Urbana, IL at 5:30pm