Organization of the New Biology Graduate Fellows Program

Steering Committee

The responsibilities of the Steering Committee include recruitment of applicants, evaluation of applications, monitoring the progress of the Fellows, guidance of the Fellows in support of the Faculty mentor’s role, and evaluation of research, teaching and public engagement proposals by the Fellows..

Faculty mentors

The Faculty mentor are committed to

  1. Providing an enriching academic community to train highly competent, independent, ethical Fellows
  2. Demonstrating honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and commitment to academic freedom,
  3. Providing state-of-the-art resources and training opportunities
  4. Serving as role models for the advancement of New Biology in agriculture
  5. Helping the Fellows find and apply for job opportunities
  6. Supporting the participation of Fellows in meetings.

Faculty mentors affiliated to the New Biology Fellows Program:

Sandra Rodriguez Zas (ANSC)
Bioinformatics, statistical genomics and proteomic study of reproduction, embryo development, growth, milk production, meat quality in livestock.
Gustavo Caetano-Anollés (CPSC)
Functional and structural genomic research,systems biology applied to plants.
Elvira de Mejia (FSHN)
Molecular proteomics across plant (e.g. soybean)genotypes and the role of genetic diversity and environmental conditions on their biological potential.
Maria Villamil (CPSC)
Statistical and quantitative research experiences in plant production.
Jonathan Beever (ANSC)
Molecular genetics, mapping quantitative trait loci in pig and cattle.
Martin Bohn (CPSC)
Quantitative genetics and statistical genetics, mapping genes in maize.
Steven Clough (CPSC)
Genomic approaches to study molecular interactions in plants parasitized by microbes.
Dan Faulkner (ANSC)
Quantitative genetics and nutrition applied to beef cattle production.
Robert Knox (ANSC)
Advancing reproductive technologies for profitable pork production
Rita Mumm (Director, IPBC; CPSC)
Quantitative, molecular genetics, and breeding applications to improve hybrids and varieties, stewardship of govern mentally regulated materials.
Alfred Roca (ANSC)
Genetics of mammals and retrovirus influencing animal production.
Larry Schook (ANSC)
Molecular genomics, sequencing and mapping loci in pigs.
Kelly Swanson (ANSC)
Genomics applied to study animal nutrition.
Margarita De L. Teran-Garcia (FSHN)
Genomic study of nutrition, growth and body traits.