Funded Projects

Title (click for details) Agency
USDA NIFA Maternal Immune Activation NIFA USDA
Genomic Selection for Improved Fertility of Dairy Cows with Emphasis on Cyclicity and Pregnancy  NIFA USDA
Identification and Characterization of Proproteins in Livestock USDA CSREES Hatch
The UIUC Neuroproteomics Center on Cell-Cell Signaling NIH NIDA
Natural Language Processing Technology for Guided Study of Bioinformatics NSF ITR
BeeSpace – An Interactive Environment for Analyzing Nature and Nurture in Societal Roles NSF FIBR
Interpreting Cattle Genomic Data: Biology, Applications and Outreach USDA CSREES NCDC
Impact of Distiller Grain and Genetics on Beef Quality C-Far
Mapping and use of QTL for Marker-Assisted Improvement of Meat Quality in Pigs USDA IFAFS
Estimation of genetic effects on longitudinal and time-to-event livestock data USDA CSREES HATCH
GK-12 EdGrid Graduate Teaching Fellows Program NSF DGE
Agricultural Genome Science and Public Policy Training Program USDA IFAFS
Strategies to optimize sow longevity National Pork Board
NC 1010 Interpreting Cattle Genomic Data: Biology, Applications and Outreach USDA CSREES
Mathematic descriptions – multifactorial gene expression NIH NIGMS
A cdna microarray to quantify nutritional effects on gene expression in peripartal dairy cows USDA NRI
Discovery of Exon, MicroRNA and Clinical Prognostic Markers of Glioblastoma Survi NIH NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE
Integration Of Resources And Studies To Elucidate Neuropeptide Signaling NIH NIDA
URM: Mentoring in ‘New Biology’ with a focus on Latino undergraduate students NSF DBI
New Biology Fellows Program In Animal And Plant Production USDA NIFA
Inflammation-Induced Behavioral Alterations: A Psychogenomic Approach NIH NIMH