New Biology Graduate Fellows Program Requirements

  • Fellows must meet the necessary requirements of University of Illinois Graduate College and of their selected department
  • The Fellows will meet twice a year with Faculty mentor and steering committee members to evaluate their progress and receive feedback.
  • The Fellows must submit a progress report once a year (by July 15) including a transcript of the courses taken, a 1 page description of the research and if relevant a 1 page description of the teaching or outreach activities on the previous year.
  • The Fellows must participate in one scientific meeting per year starting on the second year of the program. The Fellows are expected to present results from their systems biology research at these meetings. Support for travel expenses is available.
  • The Fellows must submit one (M. Sc.) or two (Ph.D.) manuscripts on their systems biology research for publication on a peer-reviewed journal at least one month prior to their graduation.
  • The Fellows must submit after graduation, an annual report of the employment status and nature of the job for 5 years.