NC 1010 Interpreting Cattle Genomic Data: Biology, Applications and Outreach

Project: NC 1010 Interpreting Cattle Genomic Data: Biology, Applications and Outreach


co-PI: Rodriguez-Zas, Sandra.

Grant Number: NC1010



Objectives: Determine the location, structure, function and expression of genes affecting health, reproduction, production, and product quality in cattle. Interpret and apply genomics and proteomics information by developing statistical/bioinformatics methods and utilizing molecular tools in cattle. Develop and deliver educational materials about bovine genomics research to consumers and stakeholders. Because of the far-reaching nature of the proposed gene discovery efforts that link actual genes to relevant chromosomal locations and protein variants that determine the health, reproduction, production, and product quality phenotypes of interest (Objectives 1 and 2), the proposed Project requires connected efforts of researchers from multiple disciplines and geographical locations. Multistate Research Projects are the perfect and necessary forums to foster such research efforts. The current proposal was developed in collaboration with ongoing efforts of participants from NC-209, NE-112, NCR-199, NRSP-8, and several members of the National Bovine Functional Genomics Consortium, as well as several new investigators from AZ, KY, IL, MI, PA, and VT with keen interest in joining the Project. Therefore, this proposal was developed from multistate and multidisciplinary perspectives and will require the support and connections that are fostered through Multistate Research Project activities. As with any large genomics/proteomics efforts, it will be increasingly important to communicate new information from this type of work to other interested animal researchers, industry representatives, government agencies, and the public at large. Objective 3 of the proposed Project will ensure that this is accomplished.


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Rodriguez-Zas S. L., Southey B. R., Heyen D. W., Lewin H. A. Detection of quantitative trait loci influencing dairy traits using a model for longitudinal data. J Dairy Sci. 2002 Oct;85(10):2681-91.