Lynne Denig

Lynne Denig, who teaches private violin and viola in Fairfax, VA, owes her musical beginnings to public school string programs. Lynne attended state universities in West Virginia, Illinois, and Iowa, studying violin performance with Donald Portnoy, Paul Rolland, and Leopold LaFosse, and viola with Gerald Lefkoff and Guillermo Perich. At the U of I, Lynne was Paul Rolland’s last graduate assistant to receive a degree with him.

In Virginia, Lynne served as President of VASTA, and created many present-day VASTA programs.

Nationally, Lynne was professor at Northern Michigan University and has presented at ASTA conferences on her special Rolland-informed chinrest fitting process, ASTA CAP, and Rolland Pedagogy, has served on ASTA committees and as Member-at-Large, and served as the Director of the Paul Rolland Workshop at George Mason University and on its faculty. Lynne has also taught classical violin technique at the Peter Rolland Fiddle Camp.

Internationally, Lynne presented Rolland Pedagogy in Germany, England, Spain, and Brazil, and taught township children through the Music Advancement Program at the University of South Africa in Durban.

Lynne co-authored ASTA’s Certificate Advancement Program Handbook, writes articles for AST, and is VASTA’s The Fingerboard Studio Columnist.

Awards include: Outstanding and Distinguished Service Award, VASTA; and Citation for Leadership and Merit, ASTA.