Academic Credit

Academic graduate credit(s) may be earned by successfully completing the workshop. Information about registration and related fees and tuition will be sent in response to requests made during the registration process.

This course is listed as “MUS 499 RSW” with Prof. Stephen Fairbanks, instructor.  And may be taken for a variable credit (1-3 hours: 1 credit is for participation; 2-3 credits requires additional work, as required by the instructor).

Current University of Illinois students may sign up for 1-3 credit-hour(s).

Non-degree seeking students (NDEG) may register for this program as a class for trasncriptable credit for an additional fee. Start Here to begin the process of applying for admission as a non-degree seeking student.

Within the summer campus fees, the Health Insurance Fee may be waived, but not the other fees.

Be sure to indicate your interest on the registration form and someone will be in contact with more specific information.

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