Elective Courses

NUTR 590 Applied Nutrition Policy Field Course with a trip to Washington, DC (1 hour)
Instructor: Elvira de Mejia, UIUC
To gain in-person exposure to aspects of nutrition/food policy and regulation. To gain an understanding of the role of nutritional science in creating food and nutrition policy, discussion of regulatory affairs, and consideration of careers in government and industry.

NUTR 590 Industry Immersion  (2 hours)
Instructor: Elvira de Mejia, UIUC
To gain knowledge of how to navigate the process of obtaining a professional position in industry settings. To gain an appreciation of what professional skills industry employers are looking for in new graduates. To gain in-person experiences of industry through site visits.

NUTR 593/ FSHN 593/ ANSC 593 Independent Study (up to 2 hours)
Instructor: UIUC faculty member
Independent study or internship with industry partner within the area of food regulations, nutrition policy and/ or science translation/communications.

NUTR 510 School Nutrition Programs and Policies (1 hour)
Instructor: Melissa Prescott, UIUC
To develop an understanding of the federal and local policies that shape school nutrition programs, explore the evidence behind recent school nutrition policy changes, and discuss science-based strategies to improve dietary behaviors and food waste mitigation in school meal programs.

ANSC 424  Pet Food & Feed Manufacturing (3 hours)
Instructor: Maria de Godoy, UIUC
Integrates principles of animal nutrition with various aspects pertaining to pet food and animal feed manufacturing. Topics discussed in this course include processing technologies (e.g., extrusion, retorting, baking) involved in the manufacturing of pet foods and animal feeds, principles of diet formulation and nutritional guidelines, and an overview of regulatory affairs, quality control, & good manufacturing practices. This course includes 2 field trips to a pet food manufacturing facility and a food and feed ingredient company.