Nutrition Policy and Food/Feed Regulations Certificate Program

The Nutrition Policy and Food/Feed Regulations Certificate Program (Certificate Program Flyer) is a new certificate program that will provide graduate students at the University of Illinois with training to effectively support increasing regulatory needs and solve the challenges of food and agriculture in years to come. (USDA NIFA grant 2020-70003-32309)

If you are interested in applying to the Nutrition Policy and Food/Feed Regulations Certificate Program, please fill out our application form.

Collaborative Team Approach
An interdisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and other professionals from the following areas are working together to deliver this Certificate Program:

  • Division of the Nutritional Sciences
  • Food Science & Human Nutrition
  • Animal Sciences
  • Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications;
  • Agricultural & Consumer Economics
  • External Companies
  • Governmental Agencies

Program Requirements

A. complete three (3) required courses & at least 1 elective course (minimum 9 credit hours):

Required Courses: NUTR 510 Nutrition Policy; NUTR 510 Translating & Communicating Science; NUTR 510 Food Regulations OR ANSC 499 Feed Regulations

Elective Courses: NUTR 590 Applied Nutritional Policy Washington, DC; NUTR 590 Industry Immersion; NUTR593 Independent Study; NUTR 510 School Nutrition Programs and Policies; ANSC 424  Pet Food & Feed Manufacturing

see course schedule for when the courses are offered

B. Participate in 1:1 industry mentoring, annual professional development workshops, and other professional development activities