Required Courses

  1. NUTR 510/ FSHN 510/ ANSC 525 Nutrition Policy (3 hours)
    Instructor: Melissa Prescott, UIUC
    This is a systems course that will focus on understanding the food policy process, policymakers, stakeholders, issues, goals and feedbacks at the interface of food policy and politics.
  1. NUTR 510/ FSHN 510/ ANSC 525 Translating & Communicating Science (2 hours)
    Instructors: Karen Chapman-Novakofski, UIUC
    This course employs an interactive activity and team-based learning approach to provide students with training in effective science communication strategy, communication best practices and examines current trends, ethics, and credibility in science communications. This course develops student skills in communicating science to diverse audiences through practice and theory.
  1. NUTR 510/ FSHN 510/ANSC 525 Food Regulations (3 hours)
    Instructors: Jessica Hartke, UIUC and Guy Johnson, Johnson Nutrition Solutions
    In this course, students will learn principles of food regulations and develop an understanding of how these regulations influence the food industry through in-person and online presentations given primarily by industry professionals. The course will explore the main food regulations and other specialty topics including enforcement actions, trade associations, and the Codex Alimentarius.


  1. ANSC 499 Pet Food and Feed Regulation (3 hours)
    Instructor: Maria de Godoy, UIUC
    This course is designed to train undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals in the pet food and feed industry in topics about the Food Safety Modernization Act and regulatory framework pertaining specifically to animal feed. Students at the end of this course will also understand and be able to distinguish and conduct a hazard analysis, develop and apply pre-requisite programs, and build a safety food plan for animal feed and pet food.