Points System

Purpose: The purpose of the point system is to encourage members to attend lectures and labs outside their primary interest in order to expose them to multiple areas of exotic medicine. Members with the most points will be rewarded with the first chance to attend limited events such as wet labs and field trips.

How it works:

  • Points only affect attendance for events with limited participation (mainly zoo/aquarium tours and some wet labs)
  • The board member responsible for organizing the event will automatically be allowed to attend.
  • Points (values may be changed:)
    • (+2) Executive board member
    • (+2) Fish tank cleaning
    • (+1) Fish tank maintenance volunteer (must volunteer at least 4 times)
    • (+1) Lecture attendance
    • (+1) Wet lab attendance (for lab with no limit)
    • (+0) Limited wet lab, trip or tour
    • (-5) No show for a limited wet lab, trip or tour