This site contains information related to the manuscript “PICAN-PI: A Graphical Schema to Visualize Microbial Biodiversity” by Nute, et al.

Supplementary Information: IBD Animations

The animations described in the Results section of the paper can be downloaded as a zip file here. For viewing on Windows, I recommend MPC-HC as a viewer for these videos. It is very easy to open multiple instances, which in turn makes it easy to compare animations side-by-side. It also gives good control over the playback speed and allows looping, which are helpful. I am working on embedding them in this site but that may not happen immediately.

A version of these animations designed for maximum accessibility by those with red-green colorblindness can be downloaded as a zip file here. These animations are nearly identical but for three changes. First, the hue scale is blue-to-red rather than the full rainbow hue scale. Second, because of the lower resolution in the scale, the maximum value was shifted down to 0.2 to give max resolution in the bottom half of that range. Finally, the reference tree images are labeled with major labels located by position to avoid interpreting a large color scale.

Supplementary Information: Primate Vaginal Microbiome PICAN-PI Graphs

The full-color version of these graphs are contained at the website for the manuscript, although a duplicate is available here.

A red-green colorblind accessible version of these graphs is available here. Some minor changes from the original are explained on the first page of this version.