News & Events

05/04/2023 Congratulations to Michael Tang on receiving the Unverferth and Keppler Scholarships and to Chen Zhang on Block Grant Fellowship. 

04/23/2023 Chen Zhang presented his research work at the ASPB mid-west section’s annual meeting.

03/07/2023 Congratulations to Chen Zhang for receiving the travel award to attend the ASPB mid-west section’s annual meeting.        

07/29/2022 On July 28 and 29, we hosted 21 summer campers who were attending the summer camp CURIE to learn about tissue-specific gene expression and visualize the expression pattern of a sugar transporter by conducting GUS histochemical staining and imaging fused GFP signal under a fluorescence microscope.

05/28/2022 Lab members had a BBQ at the Clinton Lake State Recreation Area and visited the Peony Garden at Allerton Park. 

05/24/2022 Congratulations to Xueyi Xue and Jiang Wang for their co-first authored review article officially published in the Annual Review of Plant Biology, Volume 73.  

05/31/2021 Lab members gather together and have fun at Allerton Park first time during the pandemic.  

05/20/2021 Congratulations, Chen Zhang, for passing your prelim!  

07/17/2019 and 07/18/2019 High School Summer Camp in Chen lab.  Four groups of high school students (six students in each group) have analyzed gene-specific expression patterns using the histochemical GUS staining method.

06/10/2019 Dr. Chen gave an invited talk (Title Control of sugar flux in plants) at Shandong University in China.  

04/13/2019 Gabriel Beuchat has been selected for a U.S. Department of Education’s Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) fellowship. Congratulations, Gabriel.        

08/16/2018 Welcome graduate students, Gabriel Beuchat and Chen Zhang, to join the lab

06/23/2018 Chen lab has hosted six groups of high school students participating in Girls’ Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science (GAMES) Camp18. They have learned how light affects starch accumulation.

05/18/2018 Ms. Sarah Huss was awarded a $1000 travel grant for the Pan American Plant Membrane Biology Workshop in Canada! Congratulations, Sarah!         

04/09/2018 Welcome Dr. Jiang Wang to join the lab 

02/23/2018 Dr. Chen was awarded 2018 ASPB Sharon Gray Women’s Young Investigator Travel Award (WYITA) 

01/30/2018 Dr. Chen gave a talk at IGB

11/27/2017 Welcome Dr. Houqing Zeng to join the lab