Li-Qing Chen Associate Professor
Hafijur Ruman Postdoctoral researcher
Lalit Dev Postdoctoral researcher
Gabriel Beuchat Part-time Research Scientist
Chen Zhang Research Scientist
Michael Tang IB Honors student
Ethan Yong IB Honors student
Daniel San Nicolas IB Honors student
Carrell-Bowers, Alexis
Alexis Carrell-Bowers IB undergraduate student
Shana Kelly IB undergraduate student
Nick Wilson IB honors student


Liuying Song, Graduate student, UIUC

Dr. Xueyi Xue, Professor, China Agricultural University China

Dr. Jiang Wang, Professor, Hainan University,  China

Dr. Yaxin Li, Associate Professor, Hainan Univerisity, China

Giovanni Giannelli, undergraduate student, UIUC

Jenna Donovan,  undergraduate student, UIUC

Qianqian Li, Nanjing Normal University, China

Ya-Chi Yu, Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center, UIUC

Galen  Ptacek, undergraduate student, UIUC

Susie Lopez, undergraduate student, UIUC

Erica Maria Saligan, undergraduate student, UIUC

Sarah Elizabeth Huss, research associate, CTC Genomics, St. Louis, MO

Dr. Ye LiLecturer, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing,  China

Dr. Houqing Zeng, Associate Professor,  Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China

Dr. Jiankun Li, Professor, Henan Agricultural University, China

Manik Akhand, IB, undergraduate student, UIUC

Dr. Chunjing Lin, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences,  China