Line intensity mapping (LIM) is a relatively new and novel technique to map cosmological volumes and structures in three dimensions. LIM experiments have the potential to access unexplored and unique cosmological and astrophysical phase space. However, this potential comes along with unique instrumental, observational, and theoretical challenges. The goal of this meeting is to bring together LIM experts on instrumentation, observation, analysis, and theory, to fulfill LIM’s potential as a cosmological and astrophysical probe.

This meeting is the 8th in a series which started in 2016. We plan to cover current and forthcoming experiments and LIM measurements, astrophysical modeling, the unique technical challenges of constructing and analyzing line-intensity data cubes, synergies between different lines and other cosmological and astrophysical probes, and future science cases. This meeting will be inclusive of all observational lines and cosmic epochs available to LIM techniques.

We are especially interested in contributions from early-career scientists; in addition to contributed talks, there will also be invited talks, discussions sessions, and breakout sessions to dive deep into specific LIM technical issues.

Scientific Organizing Committee

Jose Bernal, Instituto de Física de Cantabria
Dongwoo Chung, University of Toronto | CITA
Ely Kovetz, Ben-Gurion University
Laura Newburgh, Yale University
Anthony Pullen, New York University
Mathilde Van-Cuyck, University of Illinois
Joaquin Vieira, University of Illinois | NCSA
Jessica Avva Zebrowski, University of Chicago