What Content Goes Where

This page is still being developed and represents aspirational goals for the future and will be revised as the new website progresses.

We have multiple platforms that serve different purposes. It’s important that similar content is co-located so users can more easily navigate and discover resources. It also makes it easier for us to manage our various kinds of content.

Informational = Library Website (WordPress)

The library website should be used for content focused on current patron needs (information about services, locations, etc.).

a) Core Content – managed by core web team

  • Information about central services and resources that are used across library units (for example, Ask a Librarian, delivery services, technology resources). This content should be organized according to user tasks and needs which may not map neatly to our internal organizational chart structure.

b) Special Content – managed by designated individuals or groups

  • Information about projects and initiatives, collections, news and events, and administrative areas.

c) Unit Content – managed by individual units (may or may not use “subsite” templates)

  • Information about a particular public-facing unit or library (for example, SSHEL, Music Library, Scholarly Commons).

Instructional = Library Guides (LibGuides)

LibGuides should be used for content that’s “how-to” in nature, content that guides users about library resources for subject areas, or content created specifically for a class or class assignment. See LibGuides Getting Started for platform specific guidelines.

FAQs = LibAnswers

LibAnswers should be used for content that is both (a) core content and (b) takes the form of questions and answers that can be repurposed across multiple pages in WordPress. The use of LibAnswers in WordPress  must be pre-approved by the Web Team.

If you would like to use LibAnswers for non-core content, contact Jody Ford (jlford3@illinois.edu),  the Reference and Web Services Specialist for RIS.

Ephemeral Content = External Blog

Content that has value for a very limited time (news, event announcements, lists of new acquisitions) is usually better suited for blogs or other social media. This content however may be fed into a library webpage using a supplied RSS widget.

Staff-focused Content = Staff Intranet

The staff site should be used for any content where the primary audience is us (including job candidates or librarians elsewhere). Work is underway to create a new staff site so contact the web team if you have this kind of content that needs a home.

Legacy Content = Institutional Repository

Content that doesn’t currently serve an important purpose (whether for patrons or for staff) but has continued value for historical reasons is usually better suited for the institutional repository (or similar platform).


If you have a need that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories, contact the web team for advice.