Images, Video, Audio

☑ Use graphics in moderation.

Images can be an effective way to engage users, inform, and illustrate concepts but with all things, should be used strategically.

  • Don’t use an image if the subject of the image is just text (for example, don’t use an image that says “About Us” because you want a special font).
  • Don’t use animated graphics (unless the graphic is still by default and the motion can be triggered by the user).
  • Use purely decorative images sparingly.
  • Avoid clipart and generic stock photographs.

☑ Use appropriate image alt text.

☑ Use only images we have the right to use.

  • Ideally, the image would have a creative commons license.
  • Give attribution to the creator using the caption field.
  • If creative commons, make sure you follow what the image’s license dictates.
  • Use caption field to display copyright.

☑ Video and audio should provide text-based alternatives.

  • Videos should include captions.
  • Audio files should include transcripts or text equivalent.