Our lab performs research to drive evidence-based education changes. In particular, we study how we can measure performance of key skills to track how a student is developing across a program using non-invasive measures. Our lab uses novel methods to measure performance, makes correlative and predictive models for student performance, and helps inform faculty and programs of best practices in assessment for program needs. Ultimately, this will help create students as agents of their own success by focusing on gaining skills instead of taking courses and faculty who make evidence-based decisions on curriculum and course changes.

Amos Lab Commitment to Supporting Diversity

‚ÄčThe Amos Lab is passionately dedicated to increasing the retention and success of underrepresented minorities in STEM fields.  Without diversity of skills, thought, and experiences, we lessen our ability to ask important questions and solve problems. Our goal in the Amos Lab is to 1) provide a safe and equitable environment, 2) to create and maintain a culture of support and inclusion, 3) to celebrate and use our differences to better our science and engineering education efforts, and 4) find areas to go above and beyond status quo to broaden representation in STEM, correcting historical opportunity imbalances and improving science. Dr. Amos urges those from underserved and underrepresented minority backgrounds to apply to work in her lab where she, strives to offer the support, mentorship, experience, and inspiration students need to succeed in engineering or any other field of their choosing.