Carolyn Anderson, Educational Psychology (

Lawrence Angrave, Computer Science (

Suma Bhat, Electrical and Computer Engineering (

Nigel Bosch, School of Information Sciences (iSchool), Department of Educational Psychology, faculty affiliate at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and in Illinois Informatics (

Michelle Perry, Educational Psychology ( (visit Professor Perry’s research group page here; CV)

Research Programmer

Najmuddin Shaik, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (

Graduate Students

Amos Jeng, Educational Psychology, (

Yeo Eun (Grace) Yun, Educational Psychology/ Curriculum & Instruction, (

Hannah Valdiviejas Cohn, Educational Psychology (

Destiny Williams, Educational Psychology (

Renato Ferreira Leitão Azevedo, Educational Psychology (

Jianing Zhou, Computer Science (

Dandan Chen, Educational Psychology (

Karle Flanagan, Curriculum & Instruction(


Wes Crues, Educational Psychology (

Tori Jay, Educational Psychology (

Genevieve Keyser, Educational Psychology (