Welcome to the web home of the Illinois Learning Analytics Group! We met regularly and worked together through 2022, but have completed our collaborative project, so this website serves as an archive of our work.

We constituted an interdisciplinary team with diverse interests. Our team included computer scientists, educational psychologists, quantitative psychologists, and award-winning instructors — all committed to fundamentally understanding learner behavior in online courses and transforming learner experience. Together, we focused on the creative design and use of learning analytics for understanding pedagogical issues and their effects on learners in online courses (STEM in particular). For more details on our studies, visit our publications page.

Current and Recent Projects

  1. Underrepresented Student Learning in Online Introductory STEM College Courses, IES Goal 1: Exploration project (2018-2022), R305A180211, M. Perry, Principal Investigator
  2. Understanding Learning Behavior Patterns in MOOCs to Support Early Interventions, ILSDI (2016-2017).
  3. Automatic Detection of Spontaneously Produced Metacognitive Language and Achievement in STEM College Courses, TIER-Ed (2019-2020), H. Valdiviejas, Principal Investigator


  1. Bosch, N., Crues, R. W., Shaik, N., & Paquette, L. (2020). “Hello, [REDACTED]”: Protecting student privacy in analyses of online discussion forums. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM 2020). International Educational Data Mining Society. [PDF] [Software]

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