CACHE Connections Series

About the Series

The CACHE Connections seminar series puts a spotlight on excellent lectures and seminars happening in departments across campus in the areas of indoor environments, emissions modeling, energy and fuel decision making , and international development.

Our goal is to weave a thread of common interest through many disciplines and build wider interest in the study of environmental and health consequences from human activities in the home.

Past & Archived Talks

  • Nigel Isaacs — “Traveling Codes: Exploring American National Building Code from Past to Present.”(A EWES Program Seminar). How can we as researchers turn our findings about healthier environments into widespread practices for positive change? Government standards, industry codes, trade communications are channels to social connection and adoption. In this talk, you’ll get a sense of how the historical players made decisions and created some the first building codes — and in the process determined the path that civil engineers and architects today still follow. Lots of lessons to be learned!
    February 7 , 2017.
  • Brent Stephens — “Indoor Exposures to Outdoor Air Pollution” (A CEE Seminar course special lecture). What do you think about when you think of ‘air pollution’? Probably smog, busy cities, factories, and traffic. But your own home? Not usually. However, the fact is that people in developed and industrialized nations spending almost 90% of their time indoors — and the air they breathe there can have chronic harmful health effects over time. Stephens’ lecture draws attention to the fact that pollutants don’t stay where they were created (indoors or out) — they move through our structures, and so they ought to be examined together. Doing so can improve epidemiology studies, inform building design, give advice on air filter selection for the healthiest air, and contribute to more detailed and accurate models on indoor environments
    February 16, 2017.
  • Erica Myers, Assistant Professor of Agriculture and Consumer Economics — “Consumer Inattention in Energy Intensive Durables: New Evidence from the U.S. Appliance Market.”
  • Ellison Carter, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University — “Consumer Inattention in Energy Intensive Durables: New Evidence from the U.S. Appliance Market” (A CEE Seminar course special lecture)
    October 19, 2017.
  • C. Arden Pope, III — “Understanding the Linkage Between Air Quality and Human Health: Scientific and Public Policy Controversies.” (A CEE Vernon L. Snoeyink Distinguished Lecture). Almost unbelievably, it is estimated that air pollution is the fifth largest risk factor contributing to global burden of disease. Breathing fine particulate air pollution contributes to cardiopulmonary disease and mortality. Recent research has attempted to evaluate potential mechanistic pathways that link exposure to particulate air pollution and cardiopulmonary disease and mortality. Pope’s public-facing presentation addressed the top ten scientific and public policy controversies related to evidence regarding the health effects of fine particulate matter air pollution.
    May 1, 2018.