World Cooking Energy Infographics

The WHO Household energy database monitors household energy use for 157 countries. The database contains nationally representative data from surveys and censuses on cooking, heating and lighting fuels. Using the most recent and complete surveys available from this resource, we’ve created a few visual representations of the fuels sources most used by people around the world use to meet their daily needs.

We hope you will download and use these graphics in lectures, presentations, papers, and posters to help tell the story of global cooking emissions — and the human health crisis related to them.

World Cooking Energy as 100 People

Today’s world cooking fuel trends displayed in terms of just 100 users.

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World Cooking Energy Compared Across WHO Regions
How do fuel choices differ around the world? Five donut charts in this infographic show cooking fuel mix data for WHO regions. (We omitted the WHO European region because data is available for only 70% of that population, prohibiting an accurate snapshot.) 
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