Job opportunity

Job Title: Text annotator

Description: To curate & annotate the recording of speech produced by people with speech disorders (i.e., dysarthria).  

Sponsoring project: Speech Accessibility Project, the goal of which is to advance AI accessibility for people with disabilities.


  • Examine the recording of speech samples of individuals with Parkinson Disease and other neurological conditions
    • Verify that speech sample matches the transcript
    • Correct or mark errors (e.g., no voice recorded, personally identifiable information
  • Annotate spontaneous speech
    • Manually transcribe spontaneous speech
    • Remove any personally identifiable information from the audio and text file


  • Native speaker of American English
  • Basic knowledge of manipulating sound files
  • Attention to detail in speech sounds
  • Organized and dependable
  • Preferred experience
    • Completion of LING 401 Introduction to General Phonetics or SHS 200 General Phonetics
    • Listening to or communicating with persons having communication disorders

Start date: February, 2023

Hours of work: 10 hours/week

Pay: $13/hour

Division: Beckman Institute

If you are interested in the position or have any questions, contact