Process & Documentation

Developing the university’s Vision 2030 Global Strategy is an effort that has spanned multiple years with the participation and input of a variety of stakeholders and experts.


The Vision 2030 Global Strategy emerged from a multi-year process, beginning with the 2018 Globalization Strategy Taskforce Report developed by the 2017-2018 Illinois International Advisory Committee, under the leadership of Professor Clara Chu and Dean Peter Constable. Recommendations from the 2018 Taskforce Report were incorporated into the campus strategic plan, The Next 150. Building on that foundation, the Illinois International Advisory Committee—in collaboration with the Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Global Affairs & Strategies—identified strategic focus areas, conducted research, and pinpointed key strategies and actions. The final version was informed by and revised pursuant to feedback received from various stakeholders, including: Deans and their respective college leadership, the Council of Undergraduate Deans, representatives from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, and public forums open to the campus community.   


The documentation below provides further context and information about the development of the Vision 2030 Global Strategy. A university account is required to access these materials.

More Information

International Statistics

International Student and Scholar Services publishes an annual report on the university’s international student and scholar data that is publicly available for informational purposes.

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange publishes an annual report on the university’s education abroad data that is also publicly available for informational purposes.

Illini Everywhere Project

The Illini Everywhere Project (2015-2020) was developed by the Student Life and Culture Archives to celebrate the university’s sesquicentennial. As part of the project, University Archives graduate student employee Salvatore De Sando wrote narrative, archival bibliographies about the student life experiences of students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. These bibliographies were designed to help researchers begin their own research into student life and culture histories at the university. These bibliographies have served as helpful references for the development of the Vision 2030 Global Strategy. Learn more about the Illini Everywhere Project.

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