Funding & Initiatives

The following grants and initiatives provide students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to engage directly with the Vision 2030 Global Strategy.


The Office of the Provost has committed $500,000 during academic year 2024-2025 to support the realization of the priorities outlined in the Vision 2030 Global Strategy. The funding opportunities focus on the internationalization of the student experience as well as enhancing global competencies faculty and staff to better serve the university community. The program is administratively supported by Illinois International.

Explore the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions about the Vision 2030 Global Strategy funding opportunities. Please direct any specific questions to


African BioGenome Project is a coordinated pan-African effort to build capacity (and infrastructure) to generate, analyze and deploy genomics data for the improvement and sustainable use of biodiversity and agriculture across Africa. The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is among the institutional partners contributing to the project. Learn more about the African BioGenome Project.

International Education Week at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign aims to raise awareness about the breadth of international education activities and resources available in our community through numerous educational, cultural, and recreational events co-hosted by student groups, centers, colleges, units, and local partners. International Education Week 2023 will take place from November 5-11. All units across campus are invited to submit internationally-focused events to the International Education Week calendar.

International Student/Scholar Academic and Cultural Integration Initiative facilitates the integration of international students and scholars into the cultural and academic life of the university. Activities include orientations (on-campus and virtual), sociocultural events with domestic students, community-wide outreach events, and academic workshops (e.g., study skills, library resources, and research protocols).

Share a Global Engagement Opportunity

Campus departments and units who are offering programming, funding, and/or pursuing an initiative related to the Vision 2030 Global Strategy (or closely tied to global learning generally) are invited to share short summaries and links to more information for use on this website. Submit a program or initiative.

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