The following is the list of courses taught within the Environmental Engineering and Science program. An instructor is listed for those courses that are almost always taught by the same faculty member; none is listed for courses that are team taught or taught on a rotating basis by several faculty members. If the course is described in the University Catalog, the course number here is linked to that description; otherwise, the course is described here. In the University Catalog, those courses that have been scheduled for the next semester are linked to the University Class Schedule (which gives day, time, and room information).

CEE 330 Environmental Engineering. Fall & Spring (Nguyen and Guest).

CEE 441 Air Pollution Sources, Transport and Control (Koloutsou-Vakakis) Replaces CEE 445 and CEE 446

CEE434 Environmental Systems, I. Fall (Cai).

CEE 437 Water Quality Engineering. Fall & Spring (Liu & Cusick).

CEE 440  Fate Cleanup Environ Pollutant. Spring (Espinosa-Marzal & Wei).

CEE 442 Env Eng Principles, Physical. Fall (Espinosa-Marzal).

CEE 443 Env Eng Principles, Chemical. Fall. (Cusick)

CEE 444 Env Eng Principles, Biological. Fall (Liu).

CEE 447 Atmospheric Chemistry. Spring (Horowitz & N Riemer, Department of Atmospheric Sciences).

CEE 449 Environmental Engineering Lab. Spring (Mariñas).

CEE 493 Sustainable Design Eng Tech. Fall (Guest)

CEE 492 Data Science for CEE. Fall (Tessum)

CEE498PO3/CEE435 Public Health Engineering. Fall (Verma)

CEE 537 Water Quality Control Proc, I. Spring (Mariñas).

CEE 538 Water Quality Control Proc, II. Spring (Liu).

CEE 540 Remediation Design. Fall (TBD).

CEE544 Advanced Surface Science. Alternating years (Espinosa-Marzal)

CEE 545 Aerosol Sampling and Analysis. Spring (Verma).

CEE 546 Air Quality Control. Spring. Future Semester TBD.

CEE592 Sustainable Urban Systems. Spring (Zhao)

CEE595 Seminar Courses

CEE 598 Special Topics

Core Courses

Each of the specialty areas in Environmental Engineering and Science requires a subset of the core courses listed here. For details, see the sections on the specialty areas below.

  • CEE 434: Environmental Systems I
  • CEE 440: Fate Cleanup Environ Pollutant
  • CEE 442: Env Eng Principles, Physical
  • CEE 443: Env Eng Principles, Chemical
  • CEE 444: Env Eng Principles, Biological
  • CEE 445: Air Quality Modeling
  • CEE 447: Atmospheric Chemistry

Degree in Environmental Engineering from Cross-Disciplinary Programs

Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering

Either CEE 442 (Env Eng Principles, Physical) or CEE 451 (Environmental Fluid Mechanics).

One of the following courses:

CEE 443 Env Eng Principles, Chemical

CEE 444 Env Eng Principles, Biological, or

CEE 447 Atmospheric Chemistry

At least one of the following additional principles courses:

CEE 443,

CEE 444,

CEE 434 (Environmental Systems I),

CEE 440 (Fate Cleanup Environ Pollut),

CEE 445 (Air Quality Modeling),

CEE 446 (Air Quality Engineering),

CEE 447 (Atmospheric Chemistry),

CEE 450 (Surface Water Hydrology),

CEE 453 (Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics),

CEE 457 (Groundwater).

At least one 500-level course selected from the EES or EHHE programs

PhD Degree in Environmental Engineering

Student must meet the requirements of the MS program outlined above or have previously received the MS degree in environmental engineering. Student will take the CEE interdisciplinary qualifying exam. The student must include at least one EES faculty member on the qualifying exam committee and the PhD final exam committee.

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