The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Environmental Engineering and Science Program are pleased to acknowledge the contributions that we have received from many alumni and friends. Resources provided by these gifts support graduate student fellowships, graduate student travel to professional conferences, our very successful Graduate Student Spring Symposium, a professorship, special seminars that invite distinguished professionals to our department, large equipment purchases, extensive laboratory renovations, student writing competitions, and other educational activities. Such support allows us to maintain our high quality program and continue to attract and educate some of the best environmental engineering students in the world. Our quality has been recognized by U.S. News and World Report with consistent rankings of our program as one of the best in the country, with a recent ranking at #3.  Students in our program recognize these contributions as one of the key reasons why we are able to offer high quality and high profile educational experiences during their studies at the University of Illinois.

Benefactors (gifts of $200,000 and more)
Abbott Laboratories Ivan Racheff
Patrons (gifts from $125,000 to $199,99)
Paul B. Dusenberry  
Associates (gifts from $50,000 to $124,999)
Carollo Engineers
Walter E. Deuchler
Wilfred F. Langelier
Ruth L. Langelier
H. Harvey Hunt

Marilyn Smith Brown Hunt

Jon and Judith Liebman
Montgomery Watson Harza
William H. Richardson
Marie T. Richardson
Vernon L. and Jeannie M. Snoeyink
Damon S. Williams
Supporters (gifts from $10,000 to $49,999)
CH2M Hill
Richard S. Engelbrecht
Mary E. Engelbrecht
Fuad I. Markus
Francoise M. Markus
Gerald E. Quindry
James L. and Doris I. Willmer
Fellows (gifts from $1,000 to $9,999)
Abraham Shou-Chien Chen
Hsiang-Lan Ho-Chen
Soledad Juamiz Esmilla
Ron J. Esmilla
Mark J. Rood and Terri I. Medwed
Hjalmar Sundin
David W. Snyder
Elizabeth W. Snyder
Tom D. and Christine M. Vujovich
Donors (gifts up to $999)
Fariborz Barzegar-Jamshidi
Edward Robert and Mary M. Baumann

Dorothy L. Bell

Walter A. Bishop

Diane Y. Bishop
Paul H. Boening

Barbara Boulware Camp
Christian Carrico
Gregory D. Cargill

Frank K., Virginia R. & Laura Champi

Gary Deis
Robin C. DiNardo
John Dmochowski
Donal R. Doonan
Joel J. Ducoste
David A. Dunn

Robert & Elizabeth Robinson Eisner

Virginia Elliott
Marion S. Erwin
James H. Fisher

Marilyn J. Gabel
William R. Gaston

Shaun P. Gaston
Paul W. Gill

Robert A. Gillette

Madeline E. Gillette

Morris L. and Martha Z. Hecker

Walter and Sylvia R. Howard

James C. and Arlys R. Hunt
Robert L. Kimmons

G. William and Margaret L. Knopf
Thomas D. Knox
James M. LaFave
Alisa Ocker Liu
Jaret M. Lynch

Benito J. Mariñas and Yolanda Mariñas-Keliiaa
Roger A. Minear
Barbara S. and Brian S. Minsker
Clinton Mudgett

Mitri A. and Silvia M. Muna
Anthony G. Myers

Charles E. and Janice C. Olson
Theodore G. Papagiannis
William A. Parsons

Deborah H. Poinier
Lutgarde Raskin
Andrew a. and Brenda S. Rathsack
James B. Richards
J. George Roberts
Randal D. Romack

Walter W. and Patricia A. Rust
Candace K. Schmidt
Terry J. Schmidt
Richard G. Stratton Jr.
Michael J. Suess
William E. Thacker
Deborah L. Thurston

Steven A. and Donna L. Wirtel
Roger L. and Helen H. Zebarth