The Start of Something New

The FabLab sessions prior to spring break were very informative and so this week begins the start of our project after being exposed to numerous resources that would be of use for our projects. We began this week’s class session by watching videos from David Kelley and how design is an iterative process. This means that creating a product takes patience and requires input from each level of production, from the designers to engineers to the target consumer. Feedback and reiteration are important to ensuring that a project comes to fruition and so following the David Kelley videos, we were set loose to begin thinking of the design and thinking and visualizing the product.

The teams broke up and we were given two hours to being to work and talk more in-depth about our individual projects. Vishal’s goals for this session was to begin for us to start a low fidelity prototype, to work out the kinks and decide how to design it towards the path of least resistance. Team IJK this week began utilizing paper and start to design our project with computer paper and tape for us to visualize the design schematics and what not. We went through different concepts and methods to come with our design that drew inspiration from a spiral staircase.


From there we decided that we need to start building a super low-fidelity prototype to envision our bill of material and how to envision any possible future problems we may run into. Building a model out of paper gave us the freedom to work and rework the design.


We have concluded some of the resources we need to use and a majority of it is located in the FabLab which is very nice since there are people there like Brian that can help us further our design with aquaponics since his graduate studies sort of align with our project.

Our next stage is to build a low fidelity prototype out of cardboard to have it be firmer and structurally stable since paper is very flimsy. Simultaneously with the cardboard model, we will begin experimenting with Fusion 360 to design the modules that will sit on top of our aquaponics system, we want it to be removable and customizable for easier usability for our target demographic of college students.



This aquaponics system will be a symbiotic relationship between the fish and plants and thus the plants will ideally lower stress and purify the air in college students dorm rooms to add a pop of life and serenity to the hectic atmosphere of a college student’s life.

2 thoughts on “The Start of Something New

  1. Hi Kenny,
    I enjoyed reading your post. I think you and your team built a great model using the material you have on hand. It definitely give everyone a clearer view of what you are trying to build. It looks like something I’m happy to have in my dorm or apartment (if I have the budget). Your design in Fusion 360 also looks pretty realistic. I’m looking forward to seeing the next step your team take and the final prototype!

  2. Hi Kenny,
    I think it’s great (and hilarious) that your team started your prototyping with first paper then cardboard and finally 3D printing. This definitely gives you room to modify it along the way and increase in complexity each time. Also, great job using all the resources that are provided to us. I certainly can imagine getting one of your aquaponics system for my own apartment. I look forward to your team’s project!

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