Mood Shirt documentation

Our “mood shirt” is a representation of how the younger generation can access newer technology. Saadman and I took inspiration from the Champaign-Urbana Make, where the theme was wearable technology. We decided to produce a prototype that reflected a user’s “mood” or in this case the fluctuation of temperature and moisture in a user’s body. We connected an analog temperature and moisture sensor to an Adafruit Flora which was then connected to programmable LEDs. The Adafruit Flora is a version of the Arduino but specifically designed for wearables. With open-source software available, we were able to find code online that could produce the patterns of lights that we wanted. Within a certain range, the LEDs would flash any pattern of red, green or blue. All in all, this was an eye-opening project to realize that technology can be intertwined in any aspect!


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  1. Wearable technology is very innovative, it was great to see what your team came up with. In what ways do you believe that a mood-sensing shirt can become beneficial to people to wear often? Maybe for the disabled who are unable to verbally express their needs? Certainly up for interpretation but a fascinating technology! Well done.

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